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"Not only does VMA frequently change surgical decisions, it also identifies potential surgical candidates that the current test misses. With the VMA, these patients can often be offered pain-relieving surgery instead of being either cycled onto the next clinician or continuing with potentially addictive pain killers or expensive pain injections."
Dr. Reginald Davis, MD Spine Neurosurgeon
"The VMA gives me instant access to test results and never-before-seen spine views. The views 'wow' the patients and the objective data makes dealing with insurance companies much easier."
Dr. James Woodall Jr., MD Orthopedic Surgeon
"The VMA alerts save me time on my busy clinic days by quickly identifying patients with a problem area based on my own criteria. From the VMA portal, I can identify the highest-priority patients before I ever enter the exam room or look at an imaging study."
Dr. David Lee, MD Spine Neurosurgeon