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"I have seen many doctors over the years for my neck pain, and have been told many times I might have instability. My doctor used the VMA as an important part of an evaluation that excluded this condition, and put me on a course of physical therapy that has really helped. Having these test results made it easier for me to stick with my exercises, and I'm glad I did."
— A. Jumper
"I had been suffering from back pain for a long time, and had been told I needed surgery. As part of a second opinion, my doctor ordered a VMA. My doctor explained the VMA videos to me and how they showed motion in my spine that could benefit from surgery. It gave me peace of mind with my decision to have an operation."
— S. Darnell
"In 2013, I was suffering excruciating back pain. I was given a medial branch block in C2 through C4. Dr. David Lee diagnosed an issue in C5/C6 after using the VMA. He ordered a cervical epidural steroidal injection at C5/C6, and I felt immediate relief and have been pain free for 1 year. The VMA provided valuable information that helped guide my doctor's treatment."
— L. Millette